NINEThe experts at the Communication workshop will review, edit, and update your reports, letters, manuals, proposals — or any other written document that needs to be perfect.We can vastly improve your template letters, best practices guidelines, manuals, reports and proposals. The cost of services includes as many revisions as necessary to achieve perfection.

Join the long list of clients who have benefited from our editorial services. References and testimonials are, of course, available upon request.

We check for:

  • 16 hoursWordiness, redundancy, vagueness
  • Gaps in logic
  • Old-fashioned phrases
  • Sexist, racist and ageist language as well as any phrasing that could lead to bad faith lawsuit
  • Inappropriate tone
  • Lengthy sentences and paragraphs
  • Poor format
  • Errors in punctuation, grammar, spelling, and abbreviations
  • Errors in the use of dates, RE lines, salutations, and closings
  • Lack of clarity, conciseness, and organization

Fee Schedule for Revision of Template Letters:

We’ll revise up to 20 of your template letters for less than $90 each, and the more letters you need revised, the lower the per-letter cost.

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