Our one-day onsite seminars are designed to provide an intensive learning experience for the members of your teams.

Customized seminars can include any or all of the topics listed below. All seminars include exercises designed to improve communication skills, reviews of participants’ writing samples, training materials, course textbook, and access to the instructor for three months continuing support and feedback on future writing projects.


  • Effective Business Writing
  • Effective Claims Writing
  • Effective Workers Compensation and Disability Claims Writing
  • Effective Writing: Auto Claims 
  • Effective Writing: Commercial Claims
  • Effective Writing: Medical Malpractice Claims
  • Effective Writing: Property Claims
  • Professional Letter Writing
  • Improving Best Practices Guidelines
  • Improving Claims Template Letters
  • Persuasive Writing

 Because we customize our seminars to your specific needs, we won’t always cover all of these topics, but we can adapt our onsite seminars to meet your requirements. 

For a syllabus for any of these seminars, email Gary by clicking here.