From Dave Grever, AIG Claims Services:

AIG“…I saw a need here to improve the writing skills of our employees.  I decided to conduct training and hired an outside consultant to do this.

“The course, ‘Effective Business Writing for Claims Professionals,’ was conducted by Gary Blake on October 27 and 28, 1998.  All employees in the Philadelphia Claims department attended.  We split it up over two days with morning and afternoon sessions.  Each individual attended a combination of two mornings or two afternoons.

“I think it was very informative and well-run.  Everyone got something out of it.  Gary covered all the basics of grammar, punctuation, sentence and paragraph structure, as well as other topics.  We reviewed and critiqued various letter samples that were written by the attendees and submitted previously.  Everyone received a copy of Gary’s book, The Elements of Business Writing.  In addition, he provides ‘Fast Fax’ services for 30 days after the course where he will critique a letter and fax it back.  He also has a Writing Hotline to answer questions for one year after the course.”

“Effective communication, verbal and written, is an essential element of the health care process. Gary’s seminar provides managers with a tool to enhance the writing skills of our staff. Our people have improved the content and clarity of their letters and reports as a result of participation in this seminar.”

Cathy Wallace
Claims Director
Household Life Insurance


FARM BUREAU“Realizing we did not make it easy on you, mixing claims and underwriting personnel, with too such varying writing skills, we are all amazed at the overall class evaluation and the student comments, such as:

“The class was packed with information, all of which relates to what we in claims do every day.” “Writing is not at the top of my list of favorite subjects but Gary made it fun. The time went by quickly.” “The class was fun, with lots of humor and topical references.”

“Also, I might add that your class was a real morale booster. It was advantageous for us to have employees from the two divisions (besides Claims and Underwriting, there were a handful of students from our Premium Accounting and Product Development departments in the two classes), work closely in small teams during your class exercises. Of course, the ‘hands on’ nature of your class was a key factor in making it a success.”  Joe Kaiser, VP – Claims Farm Bureau Insurance Company

alllstate logo“I had a chance last year to sit in on one of Gary’s workshops for American Family Insurance. What impressed me was that Gary targets an insurance audience exclusively and uses actual writing samples of the participants to discuss writing fundamentals.  He’s written articles for a number of insurance periodicals and has authored a couple of books. His workshops can be tailored for claims professionals specifically or a general insurance audience.” Brad Lemmermann, Allstate Life Service Center


hughes aircraft“Over the past six years, you have run more than 30 writing workshops at Hughes [Aircraft] and your ratings have been consistently high …”
Alexis Lobaco, Training Manager
Hughes Aircraft

The Elements of Business Writing
a very useful, clearly written resource.”

Steve Vogel, Director, Public Affairs
State Farm Insurance Companies
Bloomington, IL


“I really enjoyed the seminar.”

Gulf Coast Claims

Tina Bowling
Senior Claims Representative
Gulf Coast Claims


Muncih“It was obvious you have a passion and knowledge about your subject matter. The feedback from participants was very favorable…”  
J. Mark Foerster, VP, Group and Claims Services
Munich Reinsurance Company, Toronto, Canada


medical mutual“Thought everything went well yesterday. We were pleased with the workshop….”
Joseph F. Ward, Claims Manager
Medical Mutual Liability Insurance Society of Maryland


brethren“As evident by the attendees’ evaluation forms, the program was very well received and surpassed our employees’ expectations.”
Alyson J. Hurley, Communications Manager
The Brethren Mutual Insurance Co.



“I would recommend this course to directors and managers so that a common communication mechanism can be started at the department level.”

Shirley Dillard
Guardian Life