webinarsOur webinars are live, fast-paced,  interactive events designed to help businesspeople, students, technicians, government workers and claims professionals dramatically improve their writing. The webinars can be offered anywhere in the United States or around the world. All you need is Internet access.

You don’t need any special software, but each student requires his or her own work station and network access. The process is simple.  Just select a webinar subject from our most popular webinars or select a custom webinar at no extra change,  determine how many students will attend the session, and select a date and time.

The cost is $179 per person for each 90-minute session, with discounts available for larger groups. This includes 30 days of free support by phone, fax, and  email.  During the support period,  students can submit an unlimited number of documents for evaluation and critques from  the original instructor, insuring continuity of style.

Improving Claims Writing

At the Communication Workshop, we have done a great deal of work  in insurance claims writing, building up a special expertise this type of business writing.  Here is a selection of our Claims Writing webinars but remember that we can craft a custom webinar to meet your special needs.

  • Better Auto Claims Letters
  • Turbo-Charge Your Disability Letters!
  • Simplifying and Improving Commercial Claims Letters
  • Clear, Concise Life/Health/Accident Claims Letters
  • Nuances of Medical Malpractice Claims Correspondence
  • Property/Homeowners Claims Writing
  • Safety/Risk Writing for Governmental Pools Professionals
  • Improving General Liability Letters
  • Improving Workers Compensation Claims Correspondence
  • Sharpening Your Life/Annuity Claims Letters
  • Improving Reservation-of-Rights Letters and Denial Letters
  • The Secrets of Responding to Insurance Claims Commissioner Complaint Letters
  • How to Create a Claims Department Style Guide – In One Month
  • Successfully Updating Your Claims Form Letters 


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